Garage Door Opener Repair & Installation

When garage door opener troubles come, you are usually faced with two options. You may go the garage door opener repair way or decide to have new garage door opener installation done. But how do you decide which option is the best for your garage door opener? Here are some instances that mandate replacement rather than repair of the garage door opener.

Garage Door Repair Vs Replacement

Here are some several instances when the technicians will recommend new garage door opener installation rather than repair.

  • When there are safety concerns with the brand of you have- there are instances when a certain model of a garage door opener doesn’t perform well and therefore the company may have been successfully sued in different occasions for safety defects. In such an instance when there is a problem with your garage door opener the company will recommend that you change to another brand that is safer and better than repairing a brand that has concerns.
  • If the brand is no longer in existence- if you have an opener from a brand that is no longer in existence then it becomes hard to get parts. If your opener repair needs new parts then replacement of the parts becomes the only option left.
  • If your opener doesn’t have safety eyes- if the garage door opener you have doesn’t have safety eyes then it is not compliant and the only option available is replacement.
  • When you need smart features- garage door openers just like other house appliances and technologies are changing and now have more features that make life easy. For instance the smart openers allow you to connect your opener to your smart phone so you can control your garage door from anywhere you are provided you have an internet connection.

You may also change your garage door opener if it is damaged to levels that are beyond repair. Most of the time however, it is possible to have the garage door opener repairs done and the garage door will operate just like new.