Garage Door Repair Company

A garage door whether of a commercial or private garage is heavy in nature if it were to be compared with any other door. At our garage door repair company, we are not just garage door suppliers but will maintain, repair and also install garage doors. Any garage door company relies on its staff to deliver services and in our company; we have able technicians to meet all your garage door needs.

Some of the garage doors need that our technicians attend to include:

New Installations

You garage might be in need of a new garage door due to total failure of the existing one, didn’t have a door previously, need a new model of a door or you have just build a garage. Our technicians are qualified to handle any door you might have and are well equipped to attend to the job. A garage door is an expensive part to mess with and we believe you need the job done right at first.

Garage door repairs

Your garage door may fail due to misuse, worn out parts, wrong installation or it has lived its life. Our technicians will be able to fault diagnose your garage door and come up with the most appropriate way to restore it. Is it the springs that have failed, the opener, tracks or the door has just stopped working? Our technician will be able to determine the cause of the failure and put measures in place to prevent future damages.

Garage door maintenance

Garage doors whether operated manually or through electric motors need maintenance. The opener needs to be serviced and so is the springs and the tracks. General periodic maintenance helps the garage door serve its purpose for longer and efficiently. Our company’s staff will be able to advise on available maintenance services required for a smooth door operation.


A garage door company is more knowledgeable about issues in regard to your garage door. Are you looking for a garage door supplier or a garage door repair company? We are available to meet all your garage door needs and at reasonable charges.